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Jessie is an 18 year old High School Senior from Silver Spring, Maryland driving an alcohol fuel injected 358 Sprint Car with over 600 HP in the PA area.

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The last 6 races have been real ups and downs.  Win her first heat at Lincoln, miss the feature, run great in the feature “Best Handling Car Ever” at Lincoln Top 10, miss the feature twice, then this a Great 5th.   It couldn’t have come at a better time.  Jessie is going to Lyn St. James’ Women in the Winners Circle Luncheon in Indianapolis the Thursday before the Brickyard 400 and what a positive note to head out on.

There were 44 Cars competing for 24 feature spot, a big field again tonight.  For several weeks at least two of the top 10 cars have missed the feature.  It’s a tough tough place to compete.  Adrian Shaffer had a big win tonight, Congratulations.  He was one of two top ten drivers to miss last weeks feature with trouble in his heat.

Jessie started 3rd of 11 in the 3rd heat.  She had a strong run to finish 3rd.  Making the feature is great, not having to go through the Consi even better.  Third is the magic number for this large car count to make the top 12 inversion in the feature.  That put Jessie on the outside pole to start the feature.

Cody Fletcher has come along at just the right time.  Jessie had a strong run in the feature for fifth.  Great job CodyIt was a rough couple weeks for the driver. A 5th place finish and another Top 10!!


7/14/2007 Great Weather for the Gohn Memorial Lincoln Speedway Car Show and Race.

Today Jessie was able to bring her car to the Gohn Memorial Car Show at Lincoln Speedway before the race.  The Gohn family and friends did a great job and Jessie was pleased to have the opportunity to bring her car and meet many of the Lincoln Speedway Sprint Car fans.

This was the first night Jessie would be working with Cody Fletcher who has graciously come out to help.  We took the car setup back to basics to get a baseline with a new look.

The car ran good but just off enough to make it tough, much better than last week.  Two of the top ten did not make the feature tonight.  It’s always tough at Lincoln.  46 Cars came out for 24 spots, a big field again. 

Jessie started 4th in the 4th heat and finished 8th.  She had a poor start and could not recover.  It was as fast as others but not faster.  She started 8th in the second Consi and finished about 7th, fast but not faster again.  The car was close but still not making feature can get you down.  The bright spot in the evening was the communication developing between Jessie and Cody Fletcher.  Thanks Cody.


7/7/2007 Up one week down the next, that’s racing.

After last weeks run we hoped for great things again tonight, didn’t quite happen that way.

There were 49 Cars for 24 spots, big field again.  The transition between crews has helped Jessie grow as a driver understanding her car and the setup better each week.  Trying to put together an all volunteer crew is tough after the season starts.  You have great folks with commitments.

Tonight we misread the track and Dad set it up a little too tight tonight.  Jessie started 5th of 13 in her heat and finished 11th.  It was Too Tight.  Then she started 13th of 17 in Consi ran better finishing 9th.

All in all a learning night, learned a little about reading the track better.


6/23/2007 Best Handling Car Ever for Jessie in a Lincoln Feature!!

It was not Jessie’s best finish at Lincoln but it was her best feature as a racer.  There were 38 cars vying for 24 spots Saturday night.  Jessie started 2nd of 9 in her heat.  We realized the track was drying out (thanks Jeff) but it was a little too late to make more than a wing change, but that in it’s self really helped.  Jessie finished in the final transfer spot, 4th without having to go through the Consi.  The car was running good up top so she did some rim riding in 1&2.

The feature was even drier.  Had some help from Jeff again, getting the car ready for the dry conditions.  We’ve had trouble when we’ve made the feature setting up for dry.  She started 16th and was as high as 7th with about 12 laps to go when the right front went away.  It was a great run, being in the top 10 with some of the best in PA.  The car then faded to 10th.  A Great Top 10 Run.

Brad Vores was filling in as a substitute announcer and did a great job.  Mom and some family sit down in the turn 4 straightaway area and enjoyed his commentary.  He also kept up the live Lincoln Web site.  Thanks Brad and Lincoln and I believe its Bill normally for the live updates.  Jessie’s Brother is Special Ops in the Military and is over seas on a recurring basis and enjoys the site from there.  Her Uncle in AZ drives a big rig out west and utilizes the site as well.  Thanks again.

Jessie would also like to thank Randy and Frank for all they’ve done for her.  They were a big help tonight.


6/19/2007 Oval Track Day in the Pennsylvania State Capital of Harrisburg.

Jessie’s day started early this Tuesday morning about 4:30 AM as she left Silver Spring, yes the 4:30 that comes before sunup.  And yes it was the Jessie we all know.  Dad was out of town for work and it was her big chance to tow the 42 foot trailer with the F350 Dually.  A sleepless night with some fear and much excitement brought her to the Trailer kept about an hour from her house.  Then for over an hour she tried to get the trailer legs raised, they have no manual crank, the trailer battery was dead and the auxiliary from the truck wasn’t enough to overcome the problem.

So down in the dumps she calls John Krall of PAPosseRacing’s PA Open Wheel and Hagerstown Speedway Announcer to let him know she would be unable to show with her car.  She just knew she had let him down.  John’s big smile came through the phone as he told her to come anyway and so she did.

She had a great time.  Jessie spent much of the day in or near the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing booth with Rick Mandelson and others.  She met Terry L. Punt State Senator from the 33rd District and a great race track supporter.  She also met another Lady Senator (whom dad has lost the name) who she really enjoyed.  Great time and turn out showing off the sport of racing at the State Capital.


6/15/2007 A Second Chance to run Adam’s backup car.

The car still has some fuel issues but was much better.  It was nice being able to work with the Lawrences for a couple weeks.

Jessie’s brother Breck was home from overseas and was in town to see Jessie graduate from High School.  It was great to have him home.  He was impressed with Jeff Rohrbaugh who came from 15th for the win and the Hard Charger award at Trail Way Speedway.  He said tongue in cheek “That guy needs some more seat time”.  Great job Jeff.

Jessie always enjoys seeing her friends from Trail Way Speedway.

Next for Jessie will be the University of Maryland for Mechanical Engineering in the fall.


6/8/2007 Chance to run Adam Lawrence’s backup car

Pete Lawrence and his son Adam talked to Jessie about running his backup car at Trail Way Speedway this past Friday night.  Jessie jumped at the chance.  She spent a few nights at their shop getting it ready.  It is always a good thing to learn more and more about the cars your running.

Jessie qualified for the feature through her heat but the rains came before the Consi was run and the whole night was canceled.

They were able to trouble shoot a few problem during the night.  These cars are tough to get ready in the shop without a dyno.  They do not have starters, clutches or any real way to run them up in the shop under load to check the fuel systems or anything else for that matter.


6/2/2007  A day to remember and a night to forget.

Jessie started the day at the York County Transmissions shop just off 30.  Jim Travis and Chris Knopp invited her and several other area drivers to bring their cars and meet the fans.  Those with cars on display were Chris Knopp, AJ Michaels, Larry Baer, Cam Zeigler, Todd Zinn, Adam Wilt, Sterling Kinard, Mike Zieigler Jr., Scott Urey and Jessie Morrison.  It was a great morning with burgers and hot dogs for all those who came by.  Remember to thank and support the businesses that support racing like York County Transmissions 717-792-9321.

Of course we couldn’t have made it without the help of Scott and Stephen Jorda of Digna Machine.  Jessie ran into a little trailer problem the day before and Stephen came through with both his trailer and hauled it with his truck.  Thanks Stephen.

At Lincoln later that night it seemed something was wrong with the car from the moment we unloaded.  The last race had us all pumped up, but we couldn’t get it to handle.  There were 42 car looking for one of the 24 feature spots on this night.  Jessie started 5th of 11 in her heat and finished 8th.  We still could not get a handle on it for the Consi starting 7th of 13 and finishing 8th again.

It’s racing, everyone will have a night to forget.

Thanks Rick Mandelson for you help.  And thanks Stephen for taking your time to haul us to the show and the track.



5/21/2007 First Heat Win at Lincoln Speedway.

A week off brought a great night back for Jessie in her 358 Sprint Car at Lincoln Speedway.  Making the feature at Lincoln on any given race night is tough.  There were 45 cars racing for the 24 feature spots Saturday night and our goal was to make the feature through the heat race or the Consi.

Frank Fleming had the Car set up just right.  Jessie started on the outside pole of 11 cars in the second heat.  Looking back through the group were some tough drivers.  Just to name a couple were the 66-Dale Hammaker; 7C-Chad Trout; 4R-Glenndon Forsythe; 22H-J.R. Fry; 1W-John Westbrook.  All pretty good.  The competition at Lincoln is just plain tough.  Only four make the feature through the Heat.

With this group it might be tough to make it through the heat race so at least a front starting spot in the Consi was still a good possibility.

As the heat race unfolded Jessie pulled away.  All we could hope for was one of those long green flag runs we didn’t want went we were in the back just a few nights before.  This time it came true for her.  Green to Checker with no cautions and a time just two seconds off the track record.

Yes she was grinning from ear to ear with her First Heat Win at Lincoln Speedway.  The Consi’s were tough Saturday night.  Either one would be a great feature at many tracks.

Now the wait for the feature and the second guessing on what to adjust for the changing track conditions as the night dried out the clay.  As it turned out we didn’t get her car tight enough, though she did a great job with what she had.  It was apparent the car was too loose in the first lap.  She was 3rd in lap 6 and still a top 5 about lap 10 but the car just got looser and Jessie finished 13th.  All in all a great night.

Sunday the Fletcher’s of the Olney, Md and Fletcher’s Service Center and BP invited Jessie to bring her Sprint Car to the Olney Days Car and Truck Show.  She had a great time with the kids and adults.  Bobby Fletcher knows a thing or two about Sprint Cars (he and his dad).  It was all part of a weekend celebration “Olney Days 2007” that the Fletcher’s are a big part of.  Just the day before was the annual Joe’s Ride and Stride Remembering Olney’s Kids to benefit the Joseph Patrick Sanford Foundation.

Be sure to stop by their station and let them know how much you appreciate their community support and if you would like to get involved next year.  Jessie does.



5/14/2007 No Racing For the Number 18 This Past Weekend But Still Busy.

Jessie’s recent schedule cut back allowed her to take her car to a horse show near Leesburg, VA.

Yes you read that right.  One of our friends has a horse farm involved in the rescue of abandoned or mistreated horses with her free weekend Jessie was able to be a part of there open house.  She had a great time as always with the kids and she met with her first “pet” pig.  That was a surprise.

Jessie hopes to be back in action in her number 18 car at Lincoln’s next 358 event on the 19th of May.

Now as for her free Friday on a non racing note, she was able to attend her High School Senior Prom.  An event she had planned on missing until her schedule was reduced.

The evening started with pictures to be taken at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, Md.   It’s a 50-acre public display garden near her school.  Dad’s been taking her there since she was very small and she has always enjoyed it.  Well after the pictures were over and her group was loading up to head of to dinner she turned to mom and said “I still wish I was racing tonight”.

Off to dinner and then the Gaithersburg Marriot Washingtonian for the Senior Prom, all fun and the type of event Jessie has missed in the past to experience her passion, “Racing”.

Now the shock to Dad and Mom as the night went on came the time to announce the Prom Queen and to her surprise her name was read from the stage.  She is still grinning from ear to ear.  Friends have asked if the crown was a Hans Device and Helmet or the more traditional crown.  And no her dress was not made of Nomex although we are sure Lady Eagle could have done the job if asked.

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